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Download Iplicit for your desktop for a better integration with your system:


Alternatively, you can sign in to your environment from any computer using your web browser: login.iplicit.com


You can also get Iplicit on your phone:


Iplicit Excel Add-in

The Iplicit Excel Add-in adds enquiry capabilities to Excel to quickly create and share your data with anyone.

You can check the minimum requirements here.

Print Agent

Iplicit Print Agent

With the Iplicit Print Agent you can connect printers from within your organization to your Iplicit environment. This will enable seamless printing directly from Iplicit.

Drag & drop support for Outlook

Support for dragging emails and attachments from Outlook is currently supported on:

To support drag & drop from Outlook in other browsers or older versions, you will need to install one of these plugins: OutlookFileDrag or Outlook2Web.